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Small Business Workshops

January Workshops

Locations: Bear, Dover, Georgetown, Milton, Wilmington & Woodlawn Public Libraries


Please note the new day and time: Wednesdays 12 to 1 PM for 2019

The New “Gig” Economy: Working as an Independent Contractor

January 9 @ Noon / Business stage: Idea and Startup

Presented by Janet Wurtzel of the Delaware Libraries

In the new “gig” economy, jobs are replaced with temporary positions filled by independent contractors. A study by Intuit predicts that by 2020, 40% of American workers will be independent contractors. Are you ready to work a “gig”? This workshop highlights the differences between being an employee and an independent contractor including compensation, benefits, possible expenses and finding customers.


Podcasting: Establish Your Credibility & Promote Your Business

January 16 @ Noon / Business stage: Startup and Growth

Presented by Lillian Harrison of Innovative Success

Are you looking for ways to establish your credibility as an authority in your business? Do you need a fresh approach to promoting your business? Podcasting is a perfect platform to present your knowledge and experience while promoting your business’s brand. Learn how to develop and deliver content as well as provide technical tips to get started creating your own podcast.


Get a Jump Start: Buy a business instead of starting from scratch

January 23 @ Noon / Business stage: Idea and Startup

Presented by James A. Whisman, Jr., CPA, of Colonial Financial & Tax Services LLC

Have you considered buying a business instead of starting from scratch? An existing, profitable business already has the formula for success. Investing in the business and learning from the current owner can jump start your path to entrepreneurship. Our presenter has tried it both ways and will share his knowledge and experience of the pros and cons.


Taking the Leap to Entrepreneurship

January 30 @ Noon / Business stage: Idea

Presented by Kieran Mohammed of Lean Delaware

What’s stopping you from starting? Our presenter will share his journey that required facing his fears to take the leap to entrepreneurship. As a small business advisor, he has helped others identify and confront the obstacles that are blocking their fantasy from becoming reality. Find out what you need to do emotionally and mentally to prepare to take the leap in 2019.

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